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Nov, 2022

New FCKLL Registration Protocol

Please see the Parent's Guide webpage for full details on player registration, placement, and assessment processes. 

FCKLL takes great care to place players into the appropriate divisions to ensure fun, appropriate challenge, player development, and fairness. We have made a significant change to how players are registered to better ensure these goals are met. Please note: all players will be placed on teams. This note serves to outline how the registration and placement process will occur. 

What's Changing? Players will be registered according to their League Age, and will be appropriately placed into the most appropriate division to ensure the goals stated above are met. Caregivers will not register players for a specific division (e.g., Majors, AA, etc.). Please note, League Age may not be the same as a player's birth age.

Why? How FCKLL structures the league, and ultimately places players into divisions translates directly into our stated goals of fun, appropriate challenge, player development, and fairness. This new approach will allow us to prioritize those goals and do so in a relatively objective manner. The added benefit is that parents new to our League, or unfamiliar with the structure, don't have to "guess" at what is appropriate for their player.

How Will Players Be Placed?  Players below League Age 7 are largely exempt from this process, and parents will have the option to register their player for Tee Rookies (League Age 4-6, with no previous Tee experience), Tee Sluggers (League Age 6-7, with at least one season of previous Tee experience), or Level A (League Age 7-9). For players League Age 8+, individual player placement may include several factors: player League Age, prior FCKLL Spring season experience, player assessment scoring, past coach input, division size, and draft results (for Level AA through Majors). The divisions are filled starting with Majors, then AAA, then AA, and lastly Single A. All players will be placed onto a team. FCKLL will prioritize healthy functioning and fairness across the full league.

Please contact the Player Agent if you have any questions or need more guidance. 


1) Does FCKLL have general guidance on where to expect my player to be placed? Yes, please view our Parent's Guide webpage.

2) Are exceptional players allowed to "play up" or "play down" based on circumstance? The Player Agent(s) will solely determine exceptional circumstances based on player safety or ability. Please view our Parent's Guide webpage for details on potential exception circumstances.

3) How are players assessed to ensure proper placement? Players are assessed within their age cohort, with a consistent group of assessors for each skill. This results in a relative evaluation score allowing FCKLL to properly structure the league. Players are assessed on hitting, fielding, pitching, and throwing. FCKLL provides all assessors with standardized scoring guidance to reduce subjectivity in scoring. Please see our Parent's Guide webpage for further details.

4) Is there a chance my player is allocated to a division lower than they played last Spring? No. But please note that we use the last Spring season played, not Fall season, to make this determination. Many players will remain in the same division as last Spring.

5) How many teams will there be in each division? This is highly dependent on registration numbers and results of assessments. League structure will be announced after assessments are completed. Given age-based numbers and assessments, some divisions may shrink or grow relative to past seasons to best meet our objectives stated above.

6) Will the competitive dynamics be altered within any of the divisions? The intention is to remain true to the stated objectives for each division outlined on ouParent's Guide webpage. The aim is to ensure all players are appropriately placed into the best-fit division for fairness, fun, and development.

7) Are siblings allowed to play on the same team? Generally FCKLL aims to place siblings together when possible. However when there is greater than a year of league age difference between players, we may not be able to accommodate this arrangement due to player safety or ability issues (i.e., we cannot have older players who hit balls considerably harder playing with younger players, or younger players facing significant more difficult pitching above their ability to react). Please direct sibling-related questions to the Player Agent

8) Are there league age limits on which divisions players qualify to play? Yes.

There will be EXCEEDINGLY FEW, IF ANY League Age 10s in Majors. There must be space in Majors + exceedingly high assessment scores 
+ player must have played a previous spring season with FCKLL + player must be drafted.
There will be EXCEEDINGLY FEW, IF ANY League Age 8s in AAA. There must be space in AAA + exceedingly high assessment scores + player must have played a previous spring season with FCKLL + player must be drafted.
There will be EXCEEDINGLY FEW, IF ANY League Age 7s in AA. 

There will be NO League Age 7s in AAA.
There will be NO League Age 9s in Majors. 
There will be NO League Age 12s in AAA, unless there is exceptional cause for a waiver (i.e., player safety)

9) Do players advance a level every year? No. During the ten years of FCKLL eligibility, players will have the opportunity to participate in as many as seven levels of play, from Tee Ball to Intermediate (50/70). Players should therefore anticipate repeating some levels in consecutive years.


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